Exquisite Unwrapping

The Monthly Unwrap

The monthly Exquisite Unwrap is a women’s group that meets each month for an unconventional creative adventure. Each session inspires a shift out of comfort zones and into the spaces where the magic happens. When you unwrap the gift that you are, amazing things happen!

Together we –

❤ Create in fun and funky ways
❤ Release old patterns that are holding us back
❤ Learn how to step up and SHINE

In the 3-hour group session, you will make a personal, creative talisman to remind you to tap into your heart & create in new ways. Each gathering is filled with inspiration and insight. You will experience ‘aha’ moments that nurture and surprise. No experience is necessary, just a desire to create and connect with a group of open-hearted women.The practices and the support system we build taps into a new level of unwavering commitment to CREATE the life you want to live.

The practices and the support system we build will tap into a new level of unwavering commitment to CREATE the life you want to live.


Monthly Unwraps will resume in JULY

I’ve been in the process of moving and have put these groups on hold. The next group session is in July in San Diego, I’ll post more details as they come together.

Cost: $50.00 per person – this include supplies. I want to make sure that you are 100% happy with the experience you have with me, which is why I offer a full, no fuss money-back guarantee for the first session if, for whatever reason, it’s not for you.

More details on Monthly Unwraps Online coming soon.


The Private Unwrap

The Private Exquisite Unwrap is a 3-hour mini~retreat. This immersive unconventional creative process is an art~filled exploration of materials and metaphors. In the first half of the session you will unwrap & open up to new possibilities and insights. You will learn creative ways to play with sound & movement. During the second half of the mini~retreat you will make a mixed media art piece to take home.

This process reveals and inspires your unique gifts, it foster imagination & innovation. This is not an art class, you won’t be worried about what design principals are or if you’re painting the right way!? There is no right way and there is no wrong way. You will be gently guided and supported. Your intuitive insights are unwrapped, sorted and then expressed in your artwork.

You will be cared for each step of the way to insure that the piece being created is infused with your exquisite energy.

We have far more gifts inside of us than we can see with our own eyes. The Exquisite Unwrap will help you see in new ways. You will feel and experience how beautiful & creative you are. You will leave with an inspired work of art connected to your heart and a BIG dose of energy to CREATE!

The practices and the support system we build will tap into a new level of unwavering COmmitment to CREATE the life you want to live.

Cost: $300.00 If you come to my studio the cost includes supplies. (If I travel to you there is an additional supply cost of $30.00 and a travel fee.)

click here to see photos of the process and if you’re ready to dive deep consider  The Weekend Unwrap


Create your own Exquisite Check – IN

When you finish your first Exquisite Unwrapping you can custom create a support system that suits your rhythm.

During our scheduled Check – IN’s

  • We connect on a recorded conference call.
  • Dive into some practices.
  • Discover & customize ways to shift and manage energy.

We wrap up with a solid understanding of how to continue the dance of unwrapping and exquisitely creating.

Details on the timing of your Check – IN

I create a 2 hour window for your first session, we wrap up when you feel complete. Some prefer a quick 20 minutes, some prefer a 2 hour chunk of time.

When you schedule additional Check – In’s, you’ll choose a time frame between 20 minutes and 2 hours that feels good to you. 

Others have enjoyed — 

  • A regular 20 or 40 minute Check – IN every other week.
  • 90 minutes every week for three weeks then a month off to implement.
  • Random when needed calls.

We each have different rhythms and methods that keep us creating, the Check-INs can help you find the process and timing that feels like a good fit.

Cost of the Exquisite Check – IN

$1.80 / minute

20 minute = $36.00
40 minute = $72.00
60 minute = $108.00

You can purchase 108.00 credits and you can use it as you see fit.


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